Masiphumelele to get mobile police station

Mobile police stations are a short-term solution to reducing crime in theses areas.

A crowd of roughly 400 strong protesters in Masiphumelele township, Cape Town, taunt police after numerous failed negotiations to end the violence exchanges between some angry residents and Public Order Police. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Deputy Police Minister says a mobile police station will be set up in Masiphumelele in an effort to try and curb violent protests and to improve policing.

Maggie Sotyu made the announcement yesterday during a briefing on the successes of Operation Stopper, an anti-crime blitz launched last month.

Sotyu says the mobile police stations in Masiphumelele and Brown's Farm are a short-term solution to reducing crime in the areas.

"Within two weeks from now we'll be bringing mobile police stations and a nyala. Communities will no longer need to travel to Ocean View."

She says her department is applying for land to build police stations in these areas, which will replace the mobile units.

These units will serve the community's policing needs in the interim.

In recent weeks violent protests have flared up in response to police arrests of some community members allegedly involved in vigilante attacks.

Residents have called for better policing in the area.


Violent protests in Masiphumelele are having a devastating effect on businesses according to owners and staff.

The area near Fish Hoek has seen a wave of protests and at least three mob killings over the past few weeks.

On Monday night, a handful of demonstrators again demanded the release of a community activist, who has been arrested in connection with a vigilante attack.

The Fish Eagle Business Park along Kommetjie Road is situated about a kilometre from Masiphumelele.

The complex, which includes about 60 commercial units, was targeted by protesters over the weekend.

A bus was set alight and palisade fencing was damaged.

The City of Cape Town today reiterated calls from authorities for businesses to shut down amid violent demonstrations.