Kodwa: It’s time to go back to class

A group of protesting students at Wits University are demanding that outsourcing be scrapped.

Workers and students disrupted a second year mining engineering lecture and forced participants to leave the class on 28 October 2015. Picture: Govan Whittles/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson Zizi Kodwa says students have fought and won a hard battle in the ' Fees Must Fall' movement but now it's time to go back to class.

A group of protesting students at Wits University on Wednesday demanded that outsourcing be scrapped at the institution and said they'd continue to block entrances until the issue was addressed.

Earlier, riot police fired stun grenades to disperse the group while two cars were torched on campus overnight.

Kodwa says it's important that the academic programme resumes.

"You must continue to make sure that you write exams, normalise academic activities but you don't end the struggle; you suspend it. Because the major victory is coming next year again."

WATCH: The day fees 'fell'

Following a heated discussion with vice chancellor Adam Habib this afternoon protesting students and workers started dispersing following a day of demonstrations

Habib is expected to meet students tomorrow to give them feedback on their demands for exams to be postponed while the outsourcing of workers is addressed.

Frustrated students and employees said they would be back tomorrow to hear from vice chancellor Habib what the senate has decided regarding their demands.

They have called Habib 'untrustworthy' and accused their SRC members of selling them out.

The SRC, which led the 'Fees Must Fall' campaign allegedly asked Habib to resume lectures today without informing the group of protesters.

The cause has now taken a shift, with outsourced workers taking the lead to demand permanent employment at Wits.