Calls for more security to be deployed to Wits

A group of protesting students is accused of intimidating and assaulting those who aren’t participating.

FILE: Students attending lectures have been intimidated on the first day that Wits University resumes its academic programme.Picture Kgothatso Mogale/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Incidents of intimidation and assault at Wits University have become centre stage, with calls for more security to be deployed to campus.

A small group of protesting students and workers have been demonstrating, blocking access to campus and attacking students who are attending lectures.

Second year law student, Labeebah Mohamed, says she arrived this morning with the intention of resuming her studies, but she says she was chased by two protesting students who threatened to burn her textbooks.

"I'm wearing a headscarf because I am a Muslim girl; [they] pulled my scarf then he grabbed at the back of my neck and pushed me to the ground."

Mohamed says she screamed for help but security guards were nowhere in sight, she retaliated and managed to escape.

"I feel very disappointed that the campus control was not around to help. I really want to write my exam."

At least two other people have been assaulted today.

The university says police will remain on standby to try and disperse the unruly group.