Oliver Tambo described as 'a perfect leader'

Zuma described Tambo as a perfect leader who was able to bring unity through consensus in the ANC.

President Jacob Zuma during the wreath laying ceremony for Oliver Tambo at the Tamboville cemetery. Picture: ANC Info Feed ‏@MyANC_

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma has paid tribute to former African National Congress (ANC) president and renowned anti-apartheid activist Oliver Tambo.

Zuma described Tambo as 'a perfect leader' who was able to bring about unity through consensus in the party's structures.

Today, Zuma attended a commemoration event held at the Tamboville cemetery where the liberation hero is buried.

Zuma says Tambo unified his National Executive Committee (NEC) by holding thorough meetings over a week and questioned if the meeting period set out for the ANC's current NEC is enough.

Tambo led the ANC for 30 years while in exile, and is credited with keeping the anti-apartheid movement united during a brutal crackdown on political activism by the National Party government.

October is officially commemorated as OR Tambo month here in Ekurhuleni and the city is also due to host a memorial lecture this evening.

South Africa's current "leadership" can learn a lot from Oliver Tambo! Happy Birthday #ORTambo. ✞RIP 1917 - 1993 pic.twitter.com/E7SvSYxjra

Oliver Tambo Remembered. Long Live the undying spirit of Oliver Reginald Tambo!!! pic.twitter.com/Pcq2bYjvgL

Let all of us who live say that while we live, the ideals for which Oliver Tambo lived, sacrificed and died will not die! N, Mandela on OR.

@MyANC_ Brilliant. Happy Oliver Tambo Month. pic.twitter.com/Scbt0a0bpa

The Late Oliver Tambo, ANC President 1967-1991: ""The children of any nation are its future" https://t.co/vIvWbxD24T pic.twitter.com/9bcaUXf47P