SA unemployment rises to 25.5 percent

Statistics South Africa says 5.4 million people are without work in the formal labour sector.

Unemployed Atlantis residents queue outside the Hisense Factory, hoping to find work. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's unemployment rate has risen to 25,5 percent for the third quarter of the year from 25 percent in the previous period.

Statistics South Africa says this amounts to 5,4 million people without work in the formal labour sector - up from 5,23 million in the second quarter.

Stats SA says it's used a new master sample to look at unemployment collecting labour market data of individuals aged 15 to 64.

The figures show that the working age population is 36,1 million.

Of this, 15,8 million are employed and 5,4 million unemployed.

The formal sector accounts for the biggest share of those employed at 69,1 percent.

Agriculture has the smallest section of employment at 5,7 percent.

However, the main problems lie with 14,9 million people being not economically active.

This includes people who have given up looking for work.