13 students arrested at University of Limpopo

Students apparently set tyres alight, looted shops and torched a vehicle at the Turfloop campus.

Students from the University of Limpopo’s Turfloop Campus went on the rampage on 26 October, calling for changes at the university. Picture: Saps.

JOHANNESBURG - Thirteen students from the University Of Limpopo have been arrested after they went on the rampage.

Police say students at the Turfloop campus set tyres alight, looted shops and torched a security vehicle last night.

They're demanding all outstanding student debt be cleared.

The police's Ronel Otto says they are monitoring the situation.

"At this stage we have arrested 13 people, we will maintain our presence in the area today to control and monitor and our investigations are also still continuing."

#LimpopoProtest Some of the damage caused by students from Limpopo who went on the rampage last night. Pics: SAPS pic.twitter.com/KOz2RQnlG0