Police monitor volatile Masiphumelele

The City of Cape Town says authorities are on high alert and will monitor the situation.

FILE: A crowd of roughly 400 strong protesters in Masiphumelele township, Cape Town, taunt police after numerous failed negotiations to end the violence exchanges between some angry residents and Public Order Police. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Police will continue monitoring Masiphumelele after tensions flared up in the area late last night.

Violence erupted there on Friday.

Animal rescue shelter, Tears, was evacuated on Friday following a day of violence in which several roads were blocked.

While it's unclear exactly what sparked the unrest, it's believed it could be linked to the recent arrest of a local community leader.

The City of Cape Town's JP Smith says officials are on high alert and will monitor the situation.

"There's no justification for what's busy going on there and we'll try and protect public assets as best as possible until such time when we arrest and start prosecuting the drivers of the violence."

Meanwhile, some businesses near Fish Hoek were last week advised to close early amid fears of flare-ups.

Locals there have also been involved in demonstrations over what they say is inadequate policing in the area.