Masiphumelele matriculants moved to safety

Over 200 matriculants were transported to an alternative location to safely write their exams.

During a cease-fire between police and rioting residents of Masiphumelele township, Cape Town, a resident holds up a sign with "Peace" inscribed on it. At this point, residents were looking to negotiate a permanent solution to the violence. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Matriculants at Masiphumelele High School are being housed and schooled at an alternative location, due to violent unrest that's rocked the community.

More than 200 matriculants were collected in the township yesterday and transported to an alternative location.

A spate of violent protests have played out over the past few weeks, following at least three mob justice attacks on suspected criminals in the area.

Protest action flared up last week after police arrested a community activist in connection with the attacks.

Residents ran amok as they demanded his release.

While the area seems calm, the gates to Masiphumelele High School are shut.

The Western Cape Education Department says the area is too volatile.

WATCH: Conflict and chaos in Masiphumelele

On several occasions over the past few weeks, police were forced to use rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse protesting crowds.

Meanwhile, a community activist recently arrested in connection with mob justice attacks, is expected to appear in court today.