Maties agrees to several student demands

The students' main demand has been for no increases in university fees next year.

FILE. Security personnel crowd around Stellenbosch University's vice chancellor Wim de Villiers after receiving Sasco's memorandum after a protest march to the university. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Stellenbosch University's vice-chancellor has agreed to several demands by protesting students, including the postponement of exams.

The students' main demand has been that there be no increase in university fees next year.

President Jacob Zuma announced this afternoon after meeting with vice-chancellors and student leaders that there will be no fee increase next year.

Stels #FeesMustFall Students reacting to news that Pres Zuma has agreed to a no fee increase. MM

Earlier today in Merriman Street, Wim de Villiers addressed thousands of students.

While thousands of marching students were waiting for two students who were arrested earlier to be released, student leaders were drawing up a written agreement between themselves and de Villiers.

Stels #FeesMustFall Two Maties students were arrested. @MoniqueMortlock

Stels #FeesMustFall Students are trying to get through entrance of police station. It's been locked. MM

Stels #FeesMustFall The group is moving to the Stellenbosch police station now. MM

Earlier, de Villiers told students he was in support of a 'no fee' increment.

He also said the court interdict against several students had been withdrawn and exams had been postponed by a week.