‘The revolution will be tweeted’

EWN has monitored the growing momentum of the conversation around the #FeesMustCall campaign

The "Fees Must Fall" hashtag on Twitter. Picture: @702

JOHANNESBURG - Students across South Africa have been using Twitter to report on and react to today's developments.

The hashtag #FeesMustFall is still dominating on Twitter this afternoon. This is a story that has lived on the social media platform since it first began at Wits nine days ago.


In the last 24 hours, more than 450,000 tweets about the student movement have been sent out.

Unbelievably proud & inspired by every student & parent who marched today. Your bravery and strength will long be remembered. #FeesMustFall

The struggle is far from over. They promised us free education

This afternoon, around 1,500 tweets per minute were posted.

The words "increase", "president" and "students" are also being used prominently.

Images being posted included dramatic photographs of the scenes unfolding outside the Union Buildings, as well as pledges of solidarity for today's mass march.

[WATCH] A police water tanker drives through the crowd at the Union Buildings during the #FeesMustFall protest.


Something to watch is a new hashtag emerging after the president's address; #FeesHaveFallen

It's not just Twitter.... It's not just social media.... It's not just a hashtag.... It's not just a March #FeesHaveFallen