Students gather at Trafalgar Square in London

SA High Commissioner Mlaba has received a memorandum from hundreds of students.

In London hundreds of South Africans gathered at the High Commission in support of #FeesMustFall. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

LONDON - High commissioner to London, Obed Mlaba, has signed a memorandum of grievances handed to him by South African students studying in the United Kingdom.

Hundreds of students are protesting outside Lilian Ngoyi House in Trafalgar Square.

High commissioner Mlaba brought out a chair when the students asked him to sit down, with a chorus of boos, before he finally relented and sat on the floor.

SA High Commissioner Obed Mlaba was made to sit on the floor by the #FeesMustFall campaigners here in London. VM

There was loud chanting of the slogan 'fees must fall' as the high commissioner received the memorandum.

The protest action continues, with the London Metropolitan police keeping an eye on proceedings.

Students say they are incensed at how South African students have been treated by police, and have urged them to continue fighting for free education.

In London hundreds of South Africans have gathered at the High Commission in support of #FeesMustFall

In scenes reminiscent of anti-apartheid protests, hundreds of flag-waving South African students brought traffic to a standstill.

The situation currently at SA High Commission in London. #FeesMustFall

Many say they wish they were home to march alongside their South African counterparts.

The message has been resoundingly clear as they have called for universal access to free education and they have vowed to continue the support campaign back home.

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