Stun grenades, tear gas & rubber bullets at Union Buildings

Clashes began shortly after the president announced that there would be no tuition fee hikes next year.

Police face off against protesting students on the south lawn of the Union Buildings in Pretoria during the Fees Must Fall march on 23 October 2015. Picture: AFP.

PRETORIA - Running battles broke out between protesters and police in the streets around the Union Buildings following today's mass march against university fee hikes.

At least three people were taken to hospital after being injured during the clashes with police.

Officers used stun grenades, rubber bullets, tear gas and a water cannon this afternoon.

#FeesMustFall Students blocking an intersection. GN

#FeesMustFall UBs

The clashes broke out shortly after President Jacob Zuma announced that there would be no tuition fee hikes next year.

Police nyalas fired rubber bullets at students, who then moved to Stanza Bopape Street.

They've closed the roads and some have been chanting 'Marikana'.

#FeesMustFall UBs the seat of government. BB

#FeesMustFall PHOTO: people take cover from rubber bullets.

#FeelsMustFall PHOTO: Police move to clear lawns. Use rubber bullets. At least one man (photographer) injured.

The peaceful protest by students descended into a tense situation, with some trying to break through fences to gain access to the area.

#FeeaMustFall as protests continue in the streets of Pretoria...a police vehicle has been set alight. RDT

The protests continued despite President Jacob Zuma announcing that there would be no fee increases next year.

"The meeting agreed that government needs to lead a process that goes wider than fees."

He also said that the final exams would be taken into consideration.

"It was agreed that the vice chancellors will extent the time for the examinations period, to compensate for the time lost."

Afternoon Drive host Xolani Gwala was conducting an interview when police moved in.

He called for calm.

Rubber bullets were then fired and teargas used to disperse the crowd, with a number of protesters being injured.

WATCH: The 702 van has a close call with police

[WATCH] Police surround the EWN/ @Radio702 broadcast van as they drive out protestors at the Union Buildings.

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Police have now opened several roads to traffic after clearing burning debris off the road and dispersing the majority of protesting students.

Earlier, police opened fire with rubber bullets to try and disperse a large group who had set two police vehicles alight.

The situation is now calm after two Nyalas moved in and several police officers chased students and fired rubber bullets.

The students had stopped traffic at the major intersection not far from the Union Buildings.

They attacked a man on a scooter, set two police cars on fire and placed rocks on the road.

It appears that most of them have now left the area, but there's a heavy police presence keeping a close eye on the situation.

#FeesMustFall #Pretoria Firefighters extinguishing a vehicle that was set alight . ZN

#FeesMustFall UBs intersection of Leyds and Pretorius. BB

Earlier, students claimed that the protest had been hijacked by outside groups.

Talk Radio 702's Redi Thlabi was among the students, saying she was proud of the students.

"I'm very proud of the young people, who are not being intimidated."

Traffic is severely backed up on some streets in the Pretoria CBD.

At the same time, the presidency says Zuma was unable to address students this afternoon because the student protest descended into chaos.

Zuma addressed the nation on live television.

But some students who expected Zuma to address them in person started throwing bricks and other objects at police.

Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe says this behaviour was unacceptable.

"Throwing stones at police and burning up toilets was very unbecoming of a gathering of that nature. These concerns are at the heart of the future of South Africa."

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