OPINION: Students need degrees, not invoices

Everyone should support the #Feesmustfall movement as it affects almost every individual in this country.

It is insane to pay such ridiculous amount for fees when NSFAS failed to pay for students' tuition fees because of limited funding.

Students must fight the system that continues to financially discriminate against the poor who are trying to build a better future for themselves. Why should education be a debt sentence instead of assisting a disadvantaged child who, if able to study at university, was able to find a cure for an incurable virus?

The government fails to understand that those who are below the middle class are affected by the increase in fees, and if it means protesting and disrupting classes to be heard, then so it shall be.

The movement must continue until government starts being considerate and the demands of students are met.

It is sad that 21 years into democracy people are still not free in so many areas. Education is a human right and many of the students are studying through loans, which becomes a debt burden.

We need, degrees not invoices. How else are we going to build a nation with well-educated people if students are being denied access to education?

The country's leadership doesn't understand the meaning of urgency or the need to resolve issues.

How much more should South Africans endure from a democratic government that makes empty promises?

South African students must join together and fight for what is rightfully theirs, they can't allow this country to go back to the apartheid days of 1976. This is not what the late Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Steve Biko and other freedom fighters were fighting for.

It is sad that even in this democracy students still face police brutality and financial exclusion.

It is amazing that police use unnecessary force for a protest, yet in a domestic violence case they are slow to arrive at the scene. Didn't the country learn anything from the Marikana massacre, didn't that prove that even under democracy a brutal police force is used to suppress the views of citizens.

Students must stand and continue fighting for their rights until this government reprioritises and does not increase fees.

A young leader once said there will come a time when the youth of this country will again take to the streets and fight the injustice of their current government. Is that time now? It just might be.

FeesMustfall is just the beginning. Until the voice of the crying citizens and students are heard, the campaign will continue. "Qina mfundi Sisonke".

Nandipha Buso is a second year public relations student at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.