#FeesMustFall - 'A nightmare for the ANC'

Political analysts says the protests are making life very difficult for the ruling party.

Thousands of university students across the country have been protesting against the proposed fee hike in their respective institutions. Picture: Andiswa Mkosi Primedia.

JOHANNESBURG - Political analysts say this kind of protests so soon before next year's local government elections is a nightmare for the ANC.

Scores of students from different universities across the country have been marching against fee hikes.

The #FeesMustFall Campaign has seen a number of tertiary institutions come to a standstill this week as students protest against proposed tuition fee hikes.

The protests are to show university management that there must be a 0 percent increase to next year's tuition fees and end to increasing it.

Political analyst Nic Boraine says it's clear students don't believe the ruling party has the legitimacy to lead society.

"Losing the credibility to do so as its leadership descends into a cloud of ostentatious consumption and wealth and the kind of predictions they have gradually built around themselves. The story has become unbelievable to the students."

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Boraine says these demonstrations make life very difficult for the ruling party.

"This kind of escalating unrest leading up to the 2016 local elections is an absolute disaster for the ruling party."

Another political analyst, Professor Somadoda Fikeni, says this is the result of a combination of poverty, unemployment and a general squeezing of people's financial resources.

"It brings a cross section of the youth across battle lines is most probably the first of its kind."

Fikeni added that this kind of protest could be the start of something new.

"There is a chance that if things aren't contained, these could combine into a political and social cause which could become a nightmare for the government to manage."

He says this could turn into a new kind of social movement.

Boraine also said this issue is being used by factions in the ANC to sideline the South African Communist Party.

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Meanwhile, the ANC in Parliament says it's important for Members of Parliament (MPs) to debate the cost of higher education but it won't resolve the current crisis at universities.

MPs will debate the issue in the National Assembly on Tuesday next week.

The ANC's Moloto Mothapo said, "The situation can't be resolved by a debate. All hands are on deck like the education department and the ANC and the president."