#FeesMustFall intensifies in Stellenbosch

Students from across the Cape Peninsula are making their way to Stellenbosch for a mass meeting.

Academics, graduates, students and unions lead a march at UCT on 23 October, 2015. Picture: Rahima Essop/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Students from across the Cape Peninsula are currently making their way to Stellenbosch for a mass meeting at Coetzenburg Stadium.

Students from different universities across the country have brought institutions to a standstill by demonstrating against rising tuition fees.

The #FeesMustFall Campaign has seen a number of tertiary institutions come to a standstill this week as students protest against proposed tuition fee hikes.

The protests are to show university management that there must be a 0 percent increase to next year's tuition fees and end to increasing it.

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Cape Town Premier Helen Zille is scheduled to address a separate sports event organised by local government.

At the same time, the rector of the University of the Western Cape Tyrone Pretorius, is due to meet with students shortly following a volatile night on campus which saw police firing tear gas and rubber bullets.


Meanwhile, UCT Vice Chancellor Max Price says he'll put proposals to the university council next week to ensure students in need do not face any fee increases.

Council is due to meet this weekend following a spate of student protests against fee hikes.

CT #FeesMustFall UWC protesters are recruiting students to join their protest before a meeting with uni admin. AM pic.twitter.com/UYGPapP3NE

Price is among the vice chancellors meeting President Jacob Zuma at the Union Buildings.

In a statement Price says UCT will work with prosecutors and the police to withdraw charges against another 23 students arrested for illegally barricading the university.

He has confirmed the university will remain closed today. Exams, which were due to start next week, will be postponed but no new date has yet been announced.

Price says the interdict taken out on Monday was "the appropriate and necessary action at the time" but it had been misunderstood to be a charge against individuals and organisations.

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All those arrested on Monday for occupying Bremner, the administration building, have been released without charge.

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