#FeesHaveFallen: Zuma scraps fee hikes for 2016

The president has met the #FeesMustFall campaign’s demand for a zero percent tuition increase for 2016.

President addressing the nation after meeting with vice chancellors, chairs of councils and student representatives at the Union Buildings. Picture:EWN.

PRETORIA - President Jacob Zuma has announced that there will be a zero percent fee hike for this year, and has agreed to look at broader issues affecting university students.

The president met with student leaders and university management at the Union Buildings to resolve the deadlock that has resulted in nationwide protests.

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He addressed the burning questioning surrounding the fees increases, and has met the Fees Must Fall movement's demand for a zero percent fee hike.

Zuma also announced that university management would extend the deadline for the exam period to make up for lost time.

The meeting also focused on long-term issues which government has agreed to look at.

These include free tertiary education, racism, accommodation problems as well as what the students have termed 'black debt'.

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Zuma says a presidential task team that has been set up to investigate funding issues will now also look at these broader issues.

The president says government understands the difficulties faced by students from poor households and has pleaded with all those affected to allow the process to unfold.

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We have done it! They doubted us but we have succeeded! #FeesHaveFallen ✊✊✊ Thank You Comrades. pic.twitter.com/nKiFnLe9Cf

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But despite Zuma announcing a zero percent tuition fee increase at universities across for next year, students at the University of the Western Cape say the Fees Must Fall campaign is not over.

UWC students and their counterparts from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology have welcomed the fact that tuition fees won't increase next year.

However, they maintain the struggle is far from over.

UWC student Lindokuhle Mandyoli says there's a bigger cause, while Mphuthumi Nomdakana says registration fees must fall.