#FeesMustFall: Court orders cops not to use excessive force

WC police are now bound by a court order which prevents them using excessive force against students.

Police clash with student protesters outside Parliament. Picture: Anthony Molyneaux EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Legal Resources Centre says police in the Western Cape are now bound by a court order which prevents the use of excessive force against students who protest peacefully over rising university fees.

Police yesterday agreed that officers would not use excessive force when dispersing demonstrators after reaching an agreement with lawyers for a group of 12 students and concerned parents.

The #FeesMustFall Movement has seen a number of tertiary institutions come to a standstill this week as students protest against proposed tuition fee hikes.

The protests are to show university management that there must be a 0 percent increase to next year's tuition fees and end to increasing it.

The applicants went to the high court on an urgent basis on Thursday night after police clashed with protestors outside Parliament.

Their attorney Charlene May said, "The order has not bound any of the student's movement organisations from protesting or engaging in any protest activities."

All pictures by EWN.