All in place for 'historic' students march to Union Buildings

Students are already gathering in Pretoria & Johannesburg for what is being described as a historic day.

More than three dozen public order police lined up and ready to make sure all is peaceful at the Union Buildings. Picture: Barry Bateman/EWN.

PRETORIA/JOHANNESBURG - In just under an hour's time thousands of students under the banner of the #FeesMustFall movement will start making their way to the Union Buildings where they will intensify their calls for free education.

#FeesMustFall Tshwane mayor Kgosientso Ramakgopa at Burgers Park. He says PTA varsities must agree to the demands.

Student leaders and university officials from across the country will also meet with President Jacob Zuma in the capital to discuss the matter.

Zuma called the meeting yesterday in a bid to ease tensions at campuses nationwide.

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The protests turned ugly this week when hundreds of demonstrating students entered Parliament sparking fierce clashes with police.

There was also a mass demonstration at Luthuli House yesterday by Wits and University of Johannesburg (UJ) students.

Some of the students arriving at Burgers Park are carrying placards and water in preparation for the long day ahead

Students from across Gauteng are expected to join this march.

Tips for students #FeesMustFall

They say they're willing to negotiate a long term plan for free education but for the 2016 academic year they demand that #FeesMustFall.

After yesterday's powerful protest outside Luthuli House, demonstrators are hoping that the president will address them himself, before he meets student leaders and university management at the Union Buildings later.

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Some students have gathered at Park Station to embark on trains to Pretoria where they will join thousands more in the march.

#FeesMustFall "AYASAB AMAGWALA" (The cowards are afraid) being sung here.

Students are making their way into Park station in their numbers, some draped in black, others in political party colours, as they wait for the trains to leave.

Spirits are high as they look forward to a day of marching.

#FeesMustFall students have just left Park Station on the way to PTA for the march on the Union Buildings PP

High school students have also taken time out of their studies to stand in solidarity with the movement.

Students are already filling several buses which are headed for Pretoria.

#FeesMustFall RT @MzLee_: Teargas Survival Kit Prep with @BongzThaMr_K

At least 22 buses will be leaving from the main campus, and several others from the UJ.

Students are upbeat saying they hope the president will take their grievances seriously.