Academics wants UCT’s financial info made available

They say transparency will help to better understand UCT's long-term financial constraints.

Academics, graduates, students and unions lead march at UCT on 23 October, 2015. Picture: Rahima Essop/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - University of Cape Town (UCT) academics have called on the institution to make its financial information available to them for scrutiny.

Academic staff say transparency will help them to better understand the university's long-term financial constraints.

It's one of the six demands set out by the Academics Union and the Black Academics Caucus during a demonstration on campus today.

UCT academics led a march to the university's administration building, calling on the institution to drop the interdict against protesting students.

#FeesMustFall Situation right now at UCT, academics lead a march to Bremner building. RE

PhD graduates in red robes and lecturers accompanied by students converged on UCT's Bremner Building, waving the South African flag, with placards hoisted above the heads.

Among the demands are the withdrawal of an interdict against students, an end to police brutality and exams being rescheduled.

Exams that were meant to start next week have been postponed, but no new date has been issued.

The union's Kelley Moult said, "We want an open forum where the events leading up to Monday night and the interdict are explained to the academic staff."

In a statement UCT vice-chancellor Max Price said the interdict was "the appropriate and necessary action at the time" but it had been misunderstood to be a charge against individuals and organisations.

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