Looting & vandalism at NWU during student protests

The glass doors of the Mahikeng campus's canteen have been damaged, chairs broken & food lies on the floor.

While students are protesting outside, the NWU Mahikeng Campus' canteen has been vandalised & looted. Picture: Mia Lindeque/EWN.

NORTH WEST - The student canteen at the North West University (NWU)'s Mahikeng campus has been looted and vandalised while students protest outside in the street in support of the #FeesMustFall campaign.

Police say 43 students were arrested last night for public violence, shortly before officers fired rubber bullets.

At the canteen on campus, glass doors have been damaged, chairs have been broken, food is lying on the floor, and pool tables have been ripped apart.

In the kitchen, the fridges are empty, ice cream packets lie strewn over the flooded floor and appliances have been damaged.

It's not yet clear who is responsible for the vandalism.

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Meanwhile, outside students supporting the campaign are chanting around the main entrance gate demanding the release of their detained classmates.

SRC president for the NWU Mahikeng campus, Benz Mabangwane, has called for discipline from the group.


Many academics formed a human shield around University of Cape Town (UCT) students as the demonstrations continue this afternoon.

Hundreds of students marched from lower campus and gathered on the Jameson Hall steps earlier today.

They are chanting, blowing vuvuzelas and holding up placards alongside academics who are demanding that #FeesMustFall.

The rest of the campus is eerily quiet as classes have been suspended for a yet another day.

Another student says he received communication from varsity officials saying exams have been pushed back by a week.