Government told to listen as thousands demand #FeesMustFall

Students at Luthuli House demanded Gwede Mantashe sit down, but he refused & accepted their memorandum.

A huge crowd of students arrived at Luthuli House, chanting Fees Must Fall and booing ANC staff. Picture: Govan Whittles/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - On the second day of the nationwide Fees Must Fall movement, African National Congress (ANC) Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe has been standing with students outside Luthuli House, listening to their demands, and protesters around the country refuse to budge.

A student leader told the crowd they'll not back down when fighting for free education.

"A revolution has been coming the whole year. From Rhodes Must fall, to Open Stellenbosch, to Decolonise Wits and now we are saying Fees Must Fall. This is only the beginning."

Students also prevented Mantashe from addressing them.

#FeesMustFall Leaders of the tripartite alliance on stage while students listen to their leaders. GW

#FeesMustFall Students explaining why they decided to protest outside ANC headquarters. GW

A student leader told Mantashe to read their memorandum instead.

"We are not going to allow the secretary general to speak to us. He didn't call us, we came to him to give him a memorandum. We ask him to read the memorandum."

A march for free education by more than 2,000 students to the ANC's Luthuli House has ended with Mantashe accepting the memorandum.

He intended on addressing the students but when they demanded he sit on the ground he refused and the students told him he will not speak.

#FeesMustFall A huge crowd of students just arrived at Luthuli House, chanting Fees Must Fall & booing ANC staff. GW

#FeesMustFall Vuyani Pamba "Have no fear in your hearts or doubts in your minds. You are doing this for the future!"

Student leaders told the crowd not to have fear or doubt because they are fighting for a better future for the next generation.

The students demanded that the ANC recall the Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande, and immediately release public funds to prevent fee increases at all universities next year.

Students have now dispersed from Luthuli House and have been told to remain disciplined ahead of their march to the Union Buildings tomorrow.

At the same time, there were dramatic scenes outside the Higher Education Department in Pretoria.

Police were called to release several hundred of the department's employees who were being held against their will inside the building.

Officers used water cannon on protesters who then set about blocking several roads.

#FeesMustFall #PtaCBD BB

#FeesMustFall #PtaCBD

About 100 protesters of a organisation called 'Occupy the Higher Education department' had blocked two entrances to the building with employees inside.

It was only when the police moved in that they started to move out.

They then moved along the Pretoria CBD in the Lilian Ngoyi and Madiba Street where they sat down in the middle of the intersection and were briefed by their leadership.

This took place at just about any intersection a kilometre away from the Higher Education Department.

#FeesMustFall #PtaCBD moving again. BB

#FeeaMustFall #PtaCBD next intersection. Now at Paul Kruger / Francis Baard. BB

#FeeaMustFall #PtaCBD police have freed hundreds of Higher Education employees from CBD HQ. BB

There were several close calls where the police were threatening to clash with the protesters, and water cannons were used.

However, it did not have to come to rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

Meanwhile, President Jacob Zuma will meet with management of universities and student leaders on Friday to discuss the stalemate with regards to tuition fee increases.