#FeesMustFall: Students heed call for shutdown

At least 14 universities in seven provinces have been affected by student protests today.

A UFS official listens as the university’s SRC president urges students to send a delegation to management. Picture: Sheldon Morias/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - University students across the country today continued with the Fees Must Fall campaign, with many tertiary institutions closed amid protests.


Protesting University of the Free State students have given management until 5pm to draft a proposal to address their demands.

Hundreds of students have gathered to protest at the Bloemfontein campus today as the #FeesMustFall Campaign spreads to more tertiary institutions.

The students leading the protest at the university called for those protesters with cars to block the main entrance so as to prevent anyone from leaving or entering the campus.

[WATCH] #FeesMustFall UFS SRC president telling students to blockade entrance & head to main building. SM pic.twitter.com/CBOtRTne40

They have also instructed their fellow students to gather at the university's main building, where members of management are stationed.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) leaders say they will not allow any management official to leave until they have a satisfactory response to their demands, which include a call to leave fees unchanged for next year.

Earlier, a university representative addressed the crowd, saying the institution was committed to working with the students to find a solution.


Acting vice-rector of Stellenbosch University, Professor Nico Koopman, has been rushed to hospital after addressing thousands of protesting students.

The protesters had called on management to address their concerns outside the RW Wilcocks building earlier today.

Koopman was booed after explaining to students that management was still considering dropping an interdict against a group of protesting students.

They were not pleased when Open Stellenbosch member Jody Williams informed them that Koopman had been rushed to hospital.

Some students called out "Yeah right!"

Williams says it was not their concern what happened to Koopman as long as someone from management engaged with them.

A member of university management confirmed to Eyewitness News Koopman suffered an attack, which they believe was caused by stress and the heat.

Meanwhile, management says it has to discuss whether or not it will revoke a court interdict against protesting students who illegally occupied the administration building.

Management is currently meeting with protesting students to discuss their grievances.

More than a 1,000 protesting students have moved inside the RW Wilcocks building in an effort to escape the heat and cool down.

#FeesMustFall Protesting Maties students say they won't leave the RW Wilcocks building until the entire management addresses them. SF

The students were forcibly removed from the building by police yesterday.

Students are demanding that a court order against about 40 students be revoked.

They had illegally occupied the admin building as part of protests against rising tuition fees.

The crowd jeered the members of management as they believe their demands are not being taken seriously.

The students were especially outraged when Koopman told them they have to discuss the issue of the interdict being reversed.


Wits students marched, sang and danced from the university's education campus back to the main campus on Empire Road.

#FeesMustFall The songs from the #Wits students are echoing through the high rise buildings. EC pic.twitter.com/anELFdD0oK

A group of construction workers stopped their work to join in with the singing.

#FeesMustFall A group of construction workers stop to cheer on the #Wits students. The students reply with a cheer. pic.twitter.com/lhIC2JDuO8

The atmosphere was jovial and calm as students made their demands known.


The University of Fort Hare student centre has been ransacked and looted by student demonstrators.

Today's demonstrations started peacefully, but turned violent this afternoon.

Earlier, protesters broke into the student centre and stole food, appliances and electronic goods.

The SRC at the university has told protesters to stop demonstrating.

Students also looted an Itec store taking tablets, earphones and flash drives.

It's understood students became frustrated after receiving no response from management on their demand for a follow-up meeting after discussions yesterday.

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