UCT students block entrances with human barricade

There's no end in sight to the protests amid reports that most students have rejected a proposal.

A UCT #FeesMustFall protester drums on a dustbin during the UCT protests on lower campus. Picture: Anthony Molyneaux/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Protesting University Cape Town (UCT) students are forming a human barricade to block access to the lower campus.

#FeesMustFall whistles and cheers come from Leo Marquard as more students join the human barricade. NM pic.twitter.com/khQJTiEEpb

The #FeesMustFall Campaign has been taken up at several universities around the country.

Students have been protesting for several days now over proposed fee increases.

More demonstrators have joined them with no sign of police at this stage.

#feesmustfall singing & clapping has begun at UCT Lower campus meeting point. AM pic.twitter.com/NSuEM1WDYu

Lectures and other activities remain suspended for a third day.

There's no end in sight to this mass action amid reports most students nationally have rejected a proposal to cap fee increases at six percent.

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Stellenbosch University students will continue to protest today.

Yesterday a group of protesters was forcibly removed from the main admin building after university management obtained a court order.

Students have threatened to shut down the institution today and have called on more students to participate.

#FeesMustFall Protesting Maties students have vowed to shut down the university today. SF pic.twitter.com/0tr02A5CcI

Yesterday about 200 students blocked off roads leading to the university.

Nearly 70 of them were forcibly removed from the admin building after being threatened with arrest.

It's not clear whether the defiant group will accept a decision between higher education, universities and student representatives to cap tuition fees increases to six percent next year.

At the same time, students at Fort Hare University have demanded management shift exam dates while they continue protesting.

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The Student Representative Council's, Busisiwe Mashiqa, says this week's demonstrations have distracted students from their studies.

"We requested that they move the dates for exams and give us study week next week then we will write exams that other week. If we write exams now we will forget about this thing and it will come back to us in January when we need to register."