FS students vow to remain on campus

Students are angry that management left the campus without giving them an update on their demands.

UFS official listens as university’s SRC president urges students to send a delegation to management. Picture: Sheldon Morias/EWN.

BLOEMFONTEIN - Protesting Free State University students have vowed to stay on campus this evening, despite their SRC president urging them to go home and return tomorrow morning.

The students are angry that management left the Bloemfontein campus without giving them an update on their demand to deliver a set of proposals to the protesters by 5pm today.

There is growing tension between some of the protesting students and SRC leader Lindokuhle Ntuli.

The group of students want to continue protesting through the night, while Ntuli has called for everyone to go home until 7:30 tomorrow morning.

Ntuli is also facing a tough task convincing students not to damage property or attack security guards, maintaining that the protest must remain peaceful.

A crowd of angry students was considering holding a guard against his will, accusing campus security of allowing management officials to leave before the demonstrators surrounded the main administrative building.

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The protestors say they want to speak to vice chancellor Jonathan Jansen directly, but he is not on campus and it's unclear when he'll return.