Emotional Twitter responses to #FeesMustFall

The main theme seems to be tales of anguish rather than the antagonism Twitter is known for.

Stun grenades dispersed UCT protesters at Parliament. Picture: Anthony Molyneaux/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Following countrywide student protests, Twitter users have vociferously expressed their emotions about watching today's events unfold.

ANC, you have betrayed the people. Today you have broken the nation's soul. You are on the wrong side of history. This won't be forgotten.

I recall being bombarded with 'struggle credentials' in voting season. Now it seems the former revolutionaries are oppressors #FeesMustFall

Ignoring our kid's plight is to ignore our future. #FeesMustFall

The #FeesMustFall Campaign has seen a number of tertiary institutions nationwide come to a standstill this week as students protest against proposed tuition fee hikes.

The protests are to show university management that there must be a zero percent increase to next year's fees and an end to exorbitant increases to tuition fees.