Protests continue at CPUT & Fort Hare, tensions flare

While students at CPUT are in a stand-off with police, Fort Hare students have abruptly ended a meeting.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology's students have just joined the chorus of protesting students across the country calling for universities to stop their proposed fee hike. Picture Xolani Koyana/EWN

CAPE TOWN/JOHANNESBURG - Student from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) are in tense stand-off with police who are trying to disperse protesters at the university's Cape Town campus.

Police officers have moved in to remove barricades at the entrance to the campus.

#FeesMustFall CPUT students remain defiant despite being told to disperse by police. XK

Officers have also attempted to disperse protesting students, but the group is defiant and refusing to move.

#FeesMustFall A minor confrontation between police and CPUT students after officers removed barricaded. XK

Police want the crowd to move in so that staff members stuck inside the administrative building can leave.

Demonstrators are now staging a sit-in at institution's main entrance and police are keeping an eye on them.

Meanwhile, at the University of Fort Hare students say they will not write exams if management doesn't resolve their concerns over fee increases.

#FeesMustFall Students at Fort Hare are unhappy with discussions with management. They now occupy the front gate.

The institution's management, students and the SRC met this afternoon to discuss a number of concerns on campus including allegations of corruption.

Management had initially agreed to meet the students tomorrow, but angry students threatened to make the institution ungovernable if the meeting didn't take place today.

"We are not going to study right now. We are going to continue with this issue till it's resolved," they chanted.

#FeesMustFall Some UFH students threw sticks and water bottles at management as they left. MK

That brought to an end an open meeting at the Staff Centre at the university.

Tempers flared as students expressed concern over living conditions at residences and a lack of resources on campus.

The SRC's Busisiwe Mashiqa said, "There are no computers in the labs no new facilities here so what are they doing with year-in-year increases here?"

Vice-Chancellor Mvuyo Tom told the students he's heard their concerns but cannot make any decisions at this stage.

Students protested when they heard this and tried to prevent him from leaving.

#FeesMustFall UFH students form a human barricade preventing management from leaving. MK

Meanwhile, Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande a short while ago announced an agreement was reached to cap fee increases, saying fee hikes won't exceed six percent.