Police forcibly remove protesting students at Maties

Students have been occupying the admin building since yesterday, as part of #FeesMustFall protests.

Protesting Maties students now blocking off several roads around the university. Picture: Shamiela Fisher

CAPE TOWN - Protesting students at Stellenbosch University have been forcibly removed from the admin building.

Students have been occupying the building since yesterday in protest against a proposed 11.5 percent fee hike for 2016.

The university obtained a court interdict demanding they vacate the building or be arrested.

Emotions are running high at the university this afternoon as police have successfully managed to remove the students from the building.

However, no arrests have been made.

Several students can be seen wiping away tears, relieved they've not been arrested.

They're now continuing to sing struggle songs on the steps of the building, while police remain inside.

Earlier, police gained entry into the building where defiant students insisted on being arrested.

The university obtained a court order calling on the students to vacate the building.

The students were given 30 minutes to vacate the building, in accordance with a court order. But the students were adamant they are prepared to go to jail as part of their struggle against fee hikes.

Stellenbosch University's Martin Viljoen says police are monitoring the situation.

"The sheriff of the court read the court order to the students and a large number of students vacated the building, but a small number of students are still in the building and it's now up to the police to act on the court order."

Posters which read 'down with fees' adorn the walls.

Earlier today, an official briefly addressed the demonstrating students telling them management won't be meeting the students on the stairs as they've demanded.

Vehicles are also being denied access to campus.

There is a strong police presence, keeping a watchful eye on the protesters.

At least two students have fainted and they have been treated by paramedics.