Clashes break out in Ramallah, Palestinian man killed

The man was killed during riots after trying to stab an Isreali officer.

An Israeli soldier hurls a smoke grenade during clashes with Palestinian youth close to the Jewish settlement of Bet El, in the West Bank city of Ramallah on 4 October 2015 after Israel barred Palestinians from Jerusalem’s Old City as tensions mounted following attacks on Israelis. Picture: AFP.

RAMALLAH - A Palestinian has been killed during riots in Hebron after trying to stab an Israeli officer.

The attacker threw himself at the soldiers who then fired and killed him.

Meanwhile clashes have broken out in Ramallah after Palestinian groups called for a 'day of rage'.

There are a few hundred youngsters who are throwing rocks and stones at the IDF, who occasionally fire teargas and rubber bullets into the air.

There are many young women with their faces covered who have told Eyewitness News they've come to show solidarity with the men.

Meanwhile earlier today in Hebron, an Israeli settler was killed after stones were thrown at his car and he exited the vehicle.

A Palestinian truck driver drove over him, but the driver insists it was an accident and he has since handed himself in to the Palestinian authority.

It's unclear if Israel will request for the driver to be handed over.