Maties hits protesting students with court order

Officials say a number of protesters willingly left the building but a small group are refusing to move.

A Stellenbosch University rep informed the protesting students that the interdict they've obtained will now be enforced. Shamiela Fisher/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Stellenbosch University management says it has obtained a court order after a group of students occupied the main administration building.

A group of students who are protesting against an increase in university fees for next year are currently having a meeting to discuss a way forward.

The group have occupied Admin Building B since yesterday, against a proposed 11,5% fees hike for 2016.

#FeesMustFall Stellenbosch University

More than 100 defiant students have gathered on the stairs of the admin building, waiting to be arrested.

Students can be heard singing inside the main administration building.

Posters which read 'down with fees' adorn the walls.

An official briefly addressed the demonstrating students telling them management won't be meeting the students on the stairs as they've demanded.

The so-called #FeesMustFall Campaign spread from Wits University in Johannesburg to UCT, Rhodes, Fort Hare, Stellenbosch, Port Elizabeth, TUT and CPUT.

Officials say a number of protesters willingly left the building but a small group has refused to move.

#FeeMustFall The group of Maties students have 30 mins to vacate the building or face arrest. SF

The university's Martin Viljoen says police are monitoring the situation.

"The sheriff of the court read the court order to the students and a large number of students vacated the building but a small number of students are still in the building and it's now up to the police to act on the court order."

Meanwhile, all classes at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology have been cancelled as students are set to join the #FeesMustFall protests.

Students are set to hold a mass meeting on campus at this hour.

Lectures have been suspended at Wits, UCT and Rhodes universities for two days now.