SA varsities brought to a standstill

Lectures remain suspended as students and council members attempt to resolve the issues.

Police stand watch over Bremner building before removing the students from the premises. Picture: Anthony Molyneaux/EWN.

CAPE TOWN/JOHANNESBURG - It's unclear if lectures at the University of Cape Town (UCT) will resume this morning.

Hundreds of students then arrived at the police station in song and solidarity.

The police however said defiant UCT students were not arrested last night but were simply removed off the premises.

The students were later released.

They were suspended on Monday amid tuition fee protests.

#FeesMustFall fire crews just arrived outside UCT Sports Centre, upper campus. Demonstrators burnt a tyre.

  • EWN Reporter (@ewnreporter) October 20, 2015 Students are demanding a proposed 10,3 percent fee increase be scrapped.

#FeesMustFall UCT students detained earlier and later released.

A number of universities have been brought to a standstill.

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The so-called #FeesMustFall Campaign spread from Wits University in Johannesburg to UCT, Rhodes and now Fort Hare and even Stellenbosch.

Yesterday, UCT management obtained a court order interdicting protesting students from interfering with operations at the institution.

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Wits is quiet this morning following a turbulent day filled with protests.

The day also saw students pouring out into the streets and at one point overturning a vehicle they claimed had come charging towards them.

There are only two buses present transporting students this morning.

Lectures have been suspended for a second day as students and council members attempt to resolve their issues.

Yetserday's planned feedback session with council members was cancelled which prompted protests to continue.

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The council refused to address students after some of them stormed into Senate House and not sticking to the agreement to meet outside.

Some students say they're disappointed.

"It shows a disregard for students."

"Council must come to the students wherever they are. They knew this was going to happen so there is no excuse."


Students at Rhodes have called on more institutions to join the protests.

While some access routes to the campus have been barricaded there's only a handful of protesting students this morning.

Management says it has reassessed its fee payment system to try accommodate students who cannot afford it.

Yesterday, there were mixed emotions following management's announcement that it will scrap the minimum initial payment system.

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It's not clear if lectures will resume today after they were suspended.

University officials have decided to abandon the 50 percent minimum initial payment system and has agreed to adopt a 20 percent registration fee.

Student Representative Council (SRC) president Zikisa Maqubula has welcomed the move.

"25 percent per term, MIP of 10 percent is a step in the right direction. It's not the holster because the holster is we don't want a fee increase because the fess are too high."