Zuma: I'm a victim of an unregulated media

Jacob Zuma says the media has failed to apologise to him for incorrect headlines that damaged his reputation.

President Jacob Zuma interacting with representatives of the media and the South African National Editors Forum on 18 October, 2015. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma says he's the victim of an unregulated media which has failed to apologise for incorrect headlines that have damaged his reputation by associating him with corruption.

Zuma was speaking to senior members of the media at a presidential lunch in Pretoria to mark World Media Day.

He says while he's fully committed to media freedom to uphold democracy the media must be regulated and there is a need for a tribunal.

The president says the media has not apologised appropriately when making a mistake and there must be some sought of regulation.

"I remain to those who read the South African media "corrupt man". The media has never said we made a mistake about Zuma."

He says the failure to correct mistakes properly without bold headlines and photos leaves the wrong impression of who he is.

"Because you have placed yourself above everybody else, that is the problem. Why can't you be regulated?"

Zuma says while the Constitution upholds the right to freedom of expression this comes with a responsibility of not inciting violence or hatred.