Wits students wait for update on meeting with council

Council members were expected to give students feedback about decisions made relating to fee increases.

Wits University students gather at Senate House on 19 October, 2015. Picture: Gia Nicoalides/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Hundreds of Wits University students have made their way into a building on campus.

The university's council members were expected to address the students outside at midday after suspending the 10.5 percent fee hike for 2016.

The meeting with council members was supposed to take place on the steps of the Great Hall, but after arguing with security, students made their way into the building, breaking one of the glass doors in the process.

They've now gathered at Senate House, where they staged a sit-in on Friday afternoon, but it's unclear if they'll agree with the decisions made by council.

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Protesting students staged a sit-in, saying they would not leave campus until their demands were met.

They want the university to scrap fee increases for next year, saying tertiary education should be accessible and another hike is simply not affordable.

Council members are expected to give students feedback about decisions made during an emergency meeting held over the weekend.

There's still no indication whether a council meeting will take place this afternoon to address fee increases, but a sound system has been set up inside Senate House, for council members to speak to students.

University officials have also not yet clarified whether the meeting will in fact take place.

Students are singing and dancing, calling for proposed fee increases to be scrapped so that tertiary education can be more accessible.


In Cape Town, dozens of student protesters from the University of Cape Town (UCT) have been locked out of a meeting scheduled between UCT management and student representatives.

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The meeting was supposed to start at 1pm.

#Universities Students are gearing up for mass action at 1pm at the Bremner Building. LI pic.twitter.com/yCiNhR1Owu

It's understood the decision to lock out the students has been taken by university management.

Protesters are furious that the Bremner Building is under lock and key.

#FeesMustFall UCT management has locked dozens of students out of venue where meeting was supposed to take place. SS pic.twitter.com/xp1evkvZJp

Eyewitness News understands university management does not want to have the meeting held at the Bremner Building due to the chaos caused during the Rhodes Must Fall campaign.

Some students called for a shut down today, in protest against a proposed increase in tuition.

They say they will continue demonstrations for the rest of the week, unless management agrees to enter into fair fee negotiations.

Disgruntled students have been barricading entrances to the university since about 6am this morning.

#University Roughly 30 students barricade Lower Campus Jammie route at #UCTFeesMustFall pic.twitter.com/oplIXKd9pq

They say students will not be able to afford a hike in fees.

Classes have been suspended and students and staff are currently making their way home.

Police and traffic officials continue to keep a watchful eye over demonstrating groups.

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Meanwhile, second year Bachelor of Arts student Shaina Thomas says today's protests have interrupted a crucial stage of the semester.

Pictures: Reinart Toerien/EWN.