Israeli police block entrance to a Jewish neighbourhood

A barricade has been erected as cops investigate the killing of an Eritrean national by Israeli forces.

A wounded Eritrean man who later died of his wounds, is evacuated at the main bus station in the southern Israeli city of Beersheva on October 18, 2015, after he was mistakenly shot by an Israeli security guard and beaten by a mob during an attack in the Israeli city of Beersheba following a deadly assault by a suspected Palestinian gunman at the station. The gunman was killed, while a security guard shot the Eritrean man thinking he was a second attacker. PIcture: AFP.

TEL AVIV - Israeli police have set up a tall concrete wall at the entrance to a Jewish neighbourhood in Jerusalem, in an effort to stop the constant barrage of Molotov cocktails being thrown from a nearby Arab suburb.

The barricade has been erected as police launch an investigation into the killing last night of an Eritrean national by Israeli security forces, who claim they believed he was an attacker.

The incident happened late last night at the main station in Beersheba in the south of the country.

An Arab-Israel man grabbed a rifle off an Israeli soldier, killing him and injuring 10 others.

Three are still in a critical condition.

A security guard of Arab descent became suspicious of an Eritrean man who was walking away from the scene, and shot him four times.

People in the vicinity then started throwing chairs and tables at the man, pushing him and preventing paramedics from reaching him.

He later died in hospital.

It is one of the worst incidents of violence since the start of this month and is indicative of the fear that is now gripping the country.