Jews & Arabs protest for peace in Jerusalem

Hundreds of Jews & Arabs gathered in Jerusalem in a show of solidarity against the current violence.

Israeli Jews and Arabs march together in downtown Jerusalem on 17 October 2015, during a left wing protest against the ongoing situation. The placard on the right bearing a portrait of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu reads in Hebrew "Refuser of peace" and the red placard on the left reads in Hebrew "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies". Picture: AFP

JERUSALEM - Hundreds of Jews and Arabs gathered in downtown Jerusalem on Saturday night, in a show of solidarity against the current violence.

Protestors called on both Israeli and Palestinian leaders to settle their differences and ensure a safe co-existence alongside each other.

It was a brave stand against the recent cycle of violence.

Jewish and Arab protesters demanded equal rights for all citizens and called for co-existence.

Speaking to Eyewitness News the demonstrators stressed that most people living in Jerusalem want peace and to continue with their lives.

Meanwhile, at least four Palestinians were killed on Saturday in attempted stabbing attacks on Israeli citizens and police.

Palestinian sources criticised the security forces for shooting to kill while making no effort to apprehend the attackers first.

The critics also accused Israeli soldiers and police of preventing paramedics from administering medical assistance to the suspected attackers.

Israel denies the allegations and points out that in many instances the perpetrators have been taken to Israeli hospitals for treatment.