Protests at Wits continue to grow

It’s the third consecutive day students have blocked entrances to the Johannesburg campus.

Wits University vice chancellor Adam Habib. Picture: Gia Nicolaides/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Wits University vice chancellor Adam Habib is waiting to address students at the Johannesburg campus on Friday as protests over proposed fee increases continue.

Habib returned from a trip to Durban where he met with higher education officials to discuss various matters including university fees.

It's the third consecutive day students have blocked entrances to the Johannesburg campus, saying they don't want learning to continue unless this issue is addressed.

Students have been demonstrating at the campus entrances, saying they want Habib to address them.

The institution has proposed a 10,5 percent fee increase for next year.

As Habib arrived on campus, hundreds of students ran towards him. They then surrounded him at the entrance on Empire Road.

Habib said he was there to address their concerns, but he was asked to move a different spot and had to wait for students from the medical school and education campus to join them.

At one point Habib told all media to leave campus and took a tripod from a cameraman and moved it away from him.

#Wits Student says "we are sorry for holding the university ransom, but our mothers can't afford higher fees" GN

#Wits Students waiting for Vice Chancellor to address them. GN

#Wits VC Adam Habib is here, trying to address students, but they waiting for others and want him to move. GN

#Wits Pushing, shoving, punching, students yelling at Habib to "voetsak" GN

Meanwhile, more students have arrived at the Johannesburg campus to raise their concerns with the vice chancellor as well.

Habib has been there for over an hour, and hasn't yet had the opportunity to speak yet, with students saying he must wait for more of them to arrive.

WATCH: Wits students block campus access points

Earlier, all lectures were cancelled, except at the medical school and health sciences department.