Judge to spend months preparing judgment in Ketani case

Three men, including two policemen, stand accused of killing Betty Ketani 16 years ago.

Betty Ketani was murdered 16 years ago.

JOHANNESBURG - Given the complexity of the Betty Ketani murder trial, the judge hearing the case will spend four months preparing his judgment.

Closing arguments were heard today in Pretoria in a trial that will have run for two years by the time a verdict is delivered.

Three men, including two policemen, stand accused of killing Ketani 16 years ago, with their arrests coming after the discovery of a hidden confession under a carpet.

Prosecutor Herman Broodryk has argued that all the accused received a fair trial.

"It's the obligation of a prosecutor firmly but fairly and dispassionately to construct and present a case from what appears to be credible evidence."

But defence advocate Laurence Hodes believes the state has failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

"Every possible contradiction is there and highlighted but they have never been explained."

The defence not only questions the credibility of the state's accomplice witnesses but has disputed every other aspect of its case, including handwriting and DNA analysis.