Pistorius to be released from prison next week

The Paralympian will be released under correctional supervision on Tuesday, 20 October.

FILE: Oscar Pistorius. Picture: Pool.

JOHANNESBURG - Correctional services has confirmed Oscar Pistorius will be released under correctional supervision on Tuesday, one day short of serving exactly a year in prison.

The parole board met today to consider his application to be released under correctional supervision.

The athlete was sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine 's Day two years ago.

Correctional services says Pistorius will remain under correctional supervision until 2019 and be subject to specific conditions.

Reeva Steenkamp's family attorney Tania Koen says she received confirmation earlier today.

"I received a call from correctional services who informed me Oscar Pistorius's parole has been approved and that he would be released on 20 October."

She says the Steenkamp's have no comment.

"They say nothing has changed in their lives, Reeva is still not coming back. Whether Mr Pistorius remains incarcerated or whether he is released, Reeva isn't coming back so it doesn't make a difference to them."

It's understood Pistorius will have to undergo weekly psychiatric treatment and perform community service.

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Last week the board postponed the matter to consult with Steenkamp's parents.

The Steenkamp family, through their attorney, said they would not be making further submission to the parole board and will simply resubmit their previous letter.

The family believed that 10-month prison term was not appropriate for someone who has taken a life.

Their submission seemingly didn't dissuade the board from releasing Pistorius when it convened in June, so it's unlikely to have an effect now.

Koen said nothing had changed for the couple since their submission at Pistorius's hearing in June.

"They just want justice to take its course. We will not be making any further submissions. The original submission that we made to the parole board, we will resubmit."


Last week, Pistorius's family issued a statement that appeared to express their anger and frustration at ongoing delays in the athlete's release under correctional supervision suggesting he was being treated unfairly.

The athlete's family said the public, political and media hype that developed around his trial had undermined his right to be treated like any other prisoner.

They said they were concerned by the legality of the parole review board's decision, questioning why it did not use its power to take the decision itself, to place Pistorius under correctional supervision.

Referring to the review board's order that the offender receive psychotherapy, the family said the paralympian had been receiving regular and ongoing treatment.

It said the failure to consistently implement provision of the Correctional Services Act undermined administrative justice.