Sabric: R40 million lost due to ATM robberies

The organisation says criminals are now using advanced methods in ATM attacks.

FILE: An ATM machine. Picture: Chanel September/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Bank Risk Information Center says while there has been a significant decrease in ATM bombings, local banks have lost at least R 40 million rand in their collective since the start of the year.

The organisation's CEO, Kalyani Pillay says there has instead been an increase in advanced methods used by criminals to carry out the robberies.

"We have seen a decrease of ATM bombings with the use of commercial explosives by 27% this year, but you know perpetrators will always try and circumvent measures that are put in place."

Pillay says although they have worked closely with police to curb a string of attacks across the country, the organisation would like to see more convictions.

"We have seen a number of arrests before, so we hoping with all these incidents the police make effective arrests and that the matters actually get to court and that people are convicted. I think that's important in ensuring that there is a deterrent as well."

Pillay has advised clients to avoid making any withdrawal in a remote or quiet area.

"We rather say go to an ATM where you will feel safer especially depending on the hour or time you are using it. Importantly the community is often in possession of information,we encourage them to report it to police."

KZN police are still searching for an unknown number of suspects after six ATM's were robbed at a Pinetown shopping centre on Saturday.