Masiphumelele: No arrests made after alleged mob killings

The community has seen a spate of vigilante attacks recently with the community calling for visible policing.

FILE: The Ocean View Community Policing Forum says there is a need for inadequate policing in the community of Masiphumelele. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - No arrests have been made following two apparent mob justice incidents in Masiphumelele.

In one attack a man accused of selling drugs was killed.

In a separate attack, angry residents raided the home of another alleged drug merchant before forcing him out of the community.

Police are now maintaining a strong presence in the township.

This past weekend's attacks come just days after a slew of vigilante killings, which sparked violent protests.

The Ocean View Community Policing Forum says this is a clear indication policing is inadequate and there's a need for a satellite police station in the area.

Yesterday, the City's Fire and Rescue Service were forced to withdraw from the community, after they were targeted by angry residents.

Disgruntled residents stoned a fire truck, when firefighters were called out to douse a shack that caught alight in the area.

WATCH: Police fired rubber bullets at residents who looted shops and blocked roads in protest against effective policing.