Two men apologise for promising to turn Pistorius’s home into ‘party pad’

Netwerk24 filmed the two men in Oscar Pistorius's house, promising, ‘every weekend it is going to go down’.

Youtube screengrab of David Scott and Kagiso Mokoape. Picture: Netwerk24 video.

JOHANNESBURG - According to international media reports, business partners David Scott and Kagiso Mokoape have apologised for promising to turn Oscar Pistorius's house into a place where they would host parties with 'hot girls'.

The property in Pretoria is where the athlete shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day in 2013.

Netwerk24 filmed a video of the pair in the house, which they rented, promising that 'every weekend it is going to go down' and 'hot girls can invite themselves'.

They also go through the house showing viewers where Pistorius thought the intruder had entered and the toilet cubicle where Steenkamp was found dead.

After making waves on social media, The Daily Mail is reporting that they have now come forward to apologise for creating and circulating the video.

The pad includes five entertainment areas, a pool and Jacuzzi.

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Meanwhile, Pistorius's family spokesperson confirmed last week that the athlete's parole board hearing has been postponed to 21 October in order to obtain submissions from Steenkamp's family.

The review board referred the matter back to the parole board after finding that the initial decision to release him under correctional supervision was premature.

Pistorius is serving a five-year sentence for killing Steenkamp.