More than 300 wounded in Gaza clashes

Three Israelis were stabbed last night at a shopping centre in the north of the country.

A Palestinian photographer was wounded during clashes between Palestinian protestors and Israeli security forces near the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip on 11 October, 2015, east of Gaza City. Picture: AFP.

GAZA - Around 332 Palestinians were wounded in the West Bank and East Jerusalem on Sunday, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent society.

Palestinian sources also report that a Jewish driver tried to run over a group of Palestinian children in an East Jerusalem neighborhood.

It comes as tensions between Israelis and Palestinians continue to escalate.

Three Israelis, aged 14, 19 and 20, were stabbed last night at a popular shopping centre in the north of the country, with one in critical condition.

The assailant was captured by security forces and was not wounded.

Earlier in the day a Palestinian driver detonated what turned out to be a gas canister at a checkpoint in the West Bank, lightly wounding a police officer who pulled her over.

Israeli police say the driver was on her way to Jerusalem to carry out a bombing.

Israel's leadership, meanwhile, has rejected a police recommendation to seal off the West Bank and prevent Palestinians from crossing into the country.

Israeli parliamentarians say this would amount to collective punishment.

Four Israelis and 23 Palestinians have died in 12 days of bloodshed fuelled in part by Muslim anger over increasing Jewish access to the al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem. Violence, including a series of stabbings, has spread from the holy city and the Israeli-occupied West Bank to Israel's interior and Hamas-ruled Gaza.

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautioning Israelis there would be no "quick fix", there was scant sign of any significant moves to turn away from conflict that has raised fears of a third Palestinian uprising.

Palestinian medical officials said 37 Palestinian protesters were wounded by gunfire from Israeli troops during clashes on Sunday in the West Bank.

Responding to cross-border rocket attacks, Israel said its aircraft targeted a Hamas facility in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian medical officials said a pregnant woman and her three-year-old daughter living nearby were killed.

A return to bombings, a hallmark of a second Palestinian uprising from 2000-2005, would mark a significant turning point in the current violence.

Tensions have also been stoked by Palestinian frustration over the failure to make progress, amid Israeli settlement-building in the West Bank, toward statehood in peace talks with Israel. Those negotiations collapsed in 2014.

Palestinians seek a state in the West Bank and Gaza with East Jerusalem, which includes the Old City, as their capital. Israel captured all three areas in the 1967 Middle East war. It withdrew soldiers and settlers from Gaza in 2005.

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(Edited Leeto M Khoza)