Israeli stabbing incidents on the rise

Four Israelis have been killed and 48 wounded since the start of the month.

A Palestinian protester is evacuated by comrades after being injured by a tear gas canister during clashes with Israeli security forces near the Nahal Oz border crossing with Israel, east of Gaza City on 10 October, 2015. Picture: AFP.

JERUSALEM - There have been more incidents of Israelis being stabbed the latest attacks against citizens since violence started earlier this month.

In one incident earlier today, a 16-year-old Israeli was killed after being stabbed on a bus and a 20-year-old wounded.

Four Israelis have been killed and 48 wounded since the start of the month.

At least 25 Palestinians have also been killed and 794 injured so far in clashes with Israeli soldiers - as the violence continues unabated.

Self-defence classes across Israel are becoming more popular as Israeli citizens feel the need to take security into their own hands.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has introduced tougher measures to calm the situation.

But talking to eyewitness news, women in particular say they're buying pepper sprays to carry with them at all times.

It comes as more and more Israelis are being stabbed - often while walking on the street or boarding a bus.

However Palestinian protesters say they've had enough of the Israeli occupation and are taking to the streets to confront Israeli soldiers standing guard at checkpoints.

Violent clashes have seen demonstrators hurl rocks and Molotov cocktails at soldiers who've responded with rubber bullets and tear gas.

There are allegations soldiers are also using live ammunition but this hasn't been acknowledged by the Israeli side.