Heatwave: Residents must use water sparingly

Parts of Tshwane were affected by water cuts at the weekend due to increased demand during the heatwave.

FILE Picture: Freeimages.com

JOHANNESBURG - The City of Tshwane says it's up to residents to use water sparingly as the heatwave continues or the city will be forced to implement water shedding again.

Waterkloof Park, Erasmuskloof and Constantia Park were affected by water cuts at the weekend due to increased demand.

The City of Tshwane's Selby Bokaba says the increase in demand slows down the pace at which reservoirs fill up.

"The ball is in the court of the residents. If they use water sparingly, we won't have problems."

Meanwhile, both Rand Water and the City of Johannesburg say they have not had to implement water shedding in the city yet.

Spokesperson Virgil James says, "The biggest thing would be to ensure that there are no leaking taps, and that at this point no one should be watering their grass, as hot as it is."


The South African Weather Service says persistent hot weather conditions in parts of the country are expected to continue for the next day or two.

On Sunday, emergency services confirmed at least six people had been treated for heat exhaustion since the start of the heatwave, with paramedics urging people to remain hydrated.

The weather service says residents in Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Gauteng can expect temperatures to cool down on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Venetia Phakula says, "The temperatures are expected to be hot, at least until Tuesday. From Wednesday, there's a bit of cooling that comes in, which becomes more significant on Thursday and Friday, because of the rain we're expecting."

And as warmer temperatures are expected this week, ER24 has shared the following helpful heatwave tips:

• Stay well hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

• Keep a close eye on babies, the elderly and children and ensure they stay well hydrated.

• Ensure pets have a cool place to relax and cool clean water to drink as well.

• Try to stay out of direct sunlight.

• Wear the appropriate clothing and use sunscreen.

• Limit participation in outdoor activities. If you plan on participating in outdoor activities, ensure you rest and keep hydrated.

• If you are going to spend time in a pool, ensure your safety and that of children around you. Ensure that they are supervised while around and in the pool.

• Do not leave children and pets in a vehicle, even with a window open.

Meanwhile, Eskom says the heatwave could have an impact on its cooling systems at its power stations.