Rocket launched from Gaza lands in southern Israel open field

While no injuries have been reported, emergency meetings are being held amid fears of more rocket fire.

An Israeli soldier hurls a smoke grenade during clashes with Palestinian youth close to the Jewish settlement of Bet El, in the West Bank city of Ramallah on 4 October 2015 after Israel barred Palestinians from Jerusalem’s Old City as tensions mounted following attacks on Israelis. Picture: AFP.

JERUSALEM - Earlier this morning, a rocket was launched from Gaza at southern Israel.

It landed in an open area and no injuries were reported.

It comes amid growing concern that Friday's events in the West Bank and Gaza could prompt future such rocket fire.

Emergency meetings are being held by Israeli defence officials who are concerned that the growing number of Palestinian dead and wounded in clashes across the West Bank and Gaza will trigger another Israel-Gaza confrontation.

According to the Red Crescent, at least six Palestinians were killed and 410 wounded on Friday alone.

There have been calls for a general strike throughout the Israeli-Arab society, especially in light of the shooting of an Arab woman who tried to stab a Jewish Israeli in the south of the country on Friday.

At least 10 Jewish Israelis have been wounded in stabbing attacks in the last 24 hours, two of them seriously.

Meanwhile, violence continues to climb in Israel and the West Bank as clashes broke out overnight in Arab towns across the country in solidarity with Palestinians.

The United States has issued a formal reaction, saying it considers the violence in East Jerusalem acts of terrorism.

At least six Palestinians were killed and 60 injured on Friday after Israeli soldiers opened fire on a crowd of protesters from Hamas and Islamic Jihad as they approached the Gaza/Israel border fence.

Earlier in the day, Hamas' Chief Ismail Haniyeh called for the strengthening of the intifada or Palestinian uprising.

Elsewhere in the West Bank, dozens of Palestinians were injured by live ammunition, rubber bullets, and asphyxiation.

Patients at the Ramallah Hospital told Eyewitness News they would continue with their demonstrations in an attempt to bring the Israeli government to its knees.