ANC members accused of corruption may be asked to step down

Delegates at the NGC believe the refusal of members accused of corruption to walk is damaging the ANC.

Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa outlines how the ANC has been discussing certain issues at its National General Council on Saturday 10 October 2015. Picture: @MyANC via Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa says delegates at the African National Congress (ANC)'s National General Council may decide that ANC employees accused of corruption have to stand down before being found guilty.

The minister is outlining how the party has been discussing this issue in a closed session.

Mthethwa says delegates do believe that the refusal of people accused of corruption to step down is damaging the party, and thus have to make a choice.

"What seems to be in the line of suffering here, is the 'innocent until proven guilty'".

He also says problems in parastatals are damaging our economy.

"Their weakness and their bleeding is the bleeding of government, and the ANC is at the helm of government,"

Mthethwa says there is now a chance for progressive forces to challenge the international status quo.

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Minister in the Presidency and ANC policy head Jeff Radebe says it's clear that in South Africa there is a general sense of pessimism about the future.

He also says that the country's economy won't develop until proper measures are in place to tackle inequality.

Radebe says people are worried about the future.

He says that people who feel the rules of life are set against them in life, don't just give up.

Radebe says business has to help South Africa develop.

The minister says that reducing inequality is one of the critical measures needed to grow the economy.

He says it's clear the economy is not growing strongly because of our own domestic constraints.

"Such as decades of under investment in economic infrastructure, energy and transport constraints prolonged and often violent strike action."

He says, "One of the most important actions to get our economy back on track on a sustainable basis is to agree on the measures to significantly reduce inequality."

The minister says business needs to make sure it doesn't lose its moral licence to operate from society.

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