'My colleagues are making an effort to push me out'

Robert McBride says being attacked is often par for the course when one investigates corrupt officials.

Suspended IPID head Robert McBride chats to 702's Xolani Gwala in studio about his suspension and the functionality of the police watchdog. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Suspended Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) boss Robert McBride says he believes his colleagues are making a concerted effort to drive him out of his influential position because he's been investigating corruption involving senior policemen and businessmen.

This afternoon Eyewitness News revealed that senior Hawks officials have been caught attempting to blackmail an Ipid official into signing an affidavit implicating McBride in altering a report into the so called Zimbabwean rendition debacle.

Khuba was fired last week for signing an affidavit stating that McBride played no part in altering the report to exonerate the implicated Hawks officials.

But Ipid management claimed that the statement was contradictory to the terms of a plea agreement he had reached days earlier with the employer where he pleaded guilty to dishonesty.

McBride says being attacked is often par for the course when one investigates corrupt officials.

"I direct and give strategies for investigations and authorise certain investigations upon receipt of complaint. So we have a duty to investigate without fear, favour or prejudice and we can't be part of anyone's agenda."

Former Hawks official Anwa Dramat and Shadrack Sibiya have been implicated in the arrest and rendition of five Zimbabwean suspects in 2010 but an Ipid investigation cleared them.


McBride says the affidavit and recorded phone call showing an alleged Hawks conspiracy to frame him for altering the so-called rendition report has vindicated him.

The suspended Ipid head says innocent Khuba's affidavit has confirmed there is no case against him.

"The allegations against me were spurious and without foundation hence there is a need to falsely implicate me to justify the suspension."

McBride believes he's being targeted for spearheading sensitive investigations.

"Serious investigations which involve senior officers and businessmen and corrupt relationships they are involved in."

He believes more will soon be revealed.


  1. Col Mahlangu, a member of the Hawks has every right to make contact with Khuba since he (Mahlangu) is the Investigating Officer of the Perjury case which was opened against Khuba.

  1. The contents of the conversation between Colonel Mahlangu and Khuba is unknown to us as it is a private conversation between the investigating officer and Khuba. Lt Gen Ntlemeza has nothing to do with the investigation against Khuba, hence Col Mahlangu is handling the case as it was assigned to him. Remember that Lt Gen Ntlemeza is the Head of the DPCI which Col Mahlangu works under and mentioning Lt Gen Ntlemeza's name during the execution of his responsibilities does not mean Lt Gen Ntlemeza is involved in any way.

  1. You asked the role of the Minister of Police played in 'this', what are you referring to? Minister of Police does not investigate cases, neither does he assign cases to investigating officers.

  1. You speak of conspiracy against McBride. We are failing to understand the logic because the matter at hand is the conversation between Col Mahlangu and Khuba. Where does McBride feature here?

  1. What is going to be done about what? If you are referring to Col Mahlangu making contact with Khuba that is likely to happen again, since Col Mahlangu is investigating a case which Khuba must answer to.

  1. What we read from the supposed telephone recording you forwarded to us is two people talking about their trip to rural areas, talking about honesty and many other things. We failed to interpret conversation.

  1. You spoke of a campaign by the Minister of Police to get rid of McBride. The registered campaigns that we are aware of are Anti-Corruption, Human Trafficking, drugs and a whole lot of them but there is nothing with McBride in it, unless if you want to tell us something we do not know.

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