Trevor Noah’s 'Daily Show' debut sees record ratings

Noah’s first show recorded 352,855 views on Comedy Central, the highest ever views in South Africa.

A screengrab showing South African comedian and new host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, who marked a dream start to today on Comedy Central.

JOHANNESBURG - It seems there's just no stopping Trevor Noah's success as his debut as host of The Daily Show achieved record ratings.

The show, which premiered last Tuesday, was watched by over 350,000 people, the highest ever views on the Comedy Central channel in South Africa.

Fresh off a week of mostly rave reviews of his start in the driving seat on The Daily Show, the numbers prove it wasn't just the critics making up a generally skeptical global audience watching Noah on his all-important opening night.

His first show recorded 352,855 views on Comedy Central, something some people say is not that surprising given that DStv opened the channel to its compact subscribers last Tuesday.

In the Unites States, where concerns were raised about Noah's popularity as he replaced veteran Jon Stewart, the South African comedian enjoyed the company of 7.5 million viewers.

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