NPA defends prosecutor in Bob Hewitt case

The NPA says reports that Bob Hewitt's victims saw each other's statements before the trial are untrue.

FILE: Bob Hewitt. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has come out in defence of its prosecutor in the Bob Hewitt case, saying there was no collusion between the three victims before the trial.

The SABC is reporting that it's in possession of documents that prove the victims colluded about their testimony before the former tennis champion stood trial.

Hewitt was found guilty in March this year on two counts of rape and one of sexual assault. He is appealing his six-year jail sentence.

The documents apparently show that Suellen Sheehan, Theresa Tolken and another victim communicated extensively before Hewitt's trial.

It says the trio apparently discussed aspects of the case, which all three denied in court.

The news agency has not indicated how it managed to obtain the documents believed to be emails between the victims and prosecutor Carina Coetzee.

The NPA's Luvuyo Mfaku says there is no merit to these allegations.

"Our prosecutor prosecuted the matter. She never allowed any witness to have access to the docket. She is an experienced prosecutor and has been prosecuting sexual offence cases for years."

NGO Women and Men against Child Abuse has been supporting the victims throughout the trial.

It says an investigation is underway to determine how these documents were retrieved.

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