More commuters hop onto EcoMobility wagon

The City of Joburg says they’ve seen a slight improvement in the uptake of park and ride facilities.

The 702 team on their Segways during day one of the EcoMobility Festival in Sandton. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The City of Joburg says more commuters are starting to use alternative modes of transport in Sandton, and signage in the area has been improved.

It's day two of the Ecomobility festival, which aims to reduce traffic congestion by urging people to abandon their private cars and use public transport, walkways and bicycle lanes instead.

The City's Lisa Seftel says they've also seen a slight improvement in the uptake of the park and ride facilities.

"We have had a similar uptake, more people coming on the park and ride - a little over 300 people. I think [there was] a better experience on the managed lanes a lot of feedback about people saying the buses are going quite fast in the express lane."

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