Parole bid in peril due to social media activity

Frans du Toit, jailed for the attack and rape of Alison Botha in 1994, will make a second bid for parole.

FILE: Frans du Toit is serving three life sentences at the Grootvlei prison. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The man who brutally attacked and raped Alison Botha outside Port Elizabeth 21 years ago appears to have jeopardised his chances of being released on parole due to his apparent social media activities on a cellphone.

Frans du Toit is serving three life sentences in a Bloemfontein Prison for attacking Botha, repeatedly stabbing her in the stomach and slashing her throat.

Du Toit will be making a second bid for parole this month.

It emerged earlier this year that du Toit has been having an online relationship with an American woman called Sabrina.

She recently travelled from the United States to visit him at Grootvlei Prison.

But Sabrina has since contacted Eyewitness News saying she is afraid for her life as she claims he is involved in criminal activities from behind bars.

She says their relationship soured after he asked her for $10,000 to smooth his way through the parole process.

Du Toit has various online profiles which he has used to communicate with her.

The Department of Correctional Services was advised several months ago about the prisoner's online activity, but his profiles appear to still be active.

Meanwhile, the National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders (Nicro) says sometimes it's impossible to rehabilitate offenders with serious psychological disorders.

Nicro's Arina Smit says a lot of thought will have to go into du Toit's parole application.

"There are red flags that are being raised that might relate to the dangerousness of this individual. I think currently, given the state of rehabilitation in our prisons in South Africa, for him to be rehabilitated would need much more than what is currently available."